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Thinking about selling your products at the Reef?
New vendors are welcome anytime during Purchasing Hours!

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Mon - Fri: 12pm - 5pm


Mon - Fri: 11pm - 6pm

The REEF Cannabis

Starting January 1st, 2018, The REEF exclusively accepts cannabis products from legally licensed manufacturers and distributors who are cultivating in accordance with Michigan law and have a copy of their license.

Regulations require that vendors enter through a different door than our customers. So please note that there is now a vendor entrance located at the back of the building.

We are always eager and excited to work with new vendors. If we do not accept your products the first time please, please feel free to reach out more than once. We try to use the best standards to provide our customers with cannabis products.

Basic Product Requirements



The purchase price is calculated by the gram, so exact weights are not necessary. Cannabis grade is determined by grow style (indoor/outdoor), bud size, trim, cure, potency, and overall quality of the product.

The REEF accepts cannabis of all grades as determined by the price. To get the best price, present your highest grade of material (i.e., grade the shake/smalls out).

We are less likely to need very common varieties but please view our online menu to see what we typically carry. We are always looking for exotic, unique, new, and different varieties.

Minimum 1lbs (454g) per variety. 
Cash payment in 7-10 days pending mold testing.



Solventless Concentrates

Solvent concentrate producers are highly encouraged to have Residual Solvent Analysis done before coming to see us. The current acceptable threshold is 500ppm (though most material The REEF carries is below 200ppm). Branded materials must meet internal REEF marketing standards, i.e., no potentially offensive names or imagery.

Kief is not accepted. The material should come in bulk unless branded & pre-packaged (see packaging requirements above).

Minimum of 28gr for standard material of any type (cold water hash, solvent concentrates).


Solventless concentrates are what results when flower is refined to
separate plant matter from the essential oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

Solventless concentrates are highly potent concentrates extracted from
flower using no chemicals. Typically, concentrates are highly potent. For
example, the THC percentage of cured flowers, on average, ranges from
15% to 30%, whereas concentrates lie anywhere between 60% to 90%. The
most common extraction method utilizes hydrocarbons (such as butane or propane) as a solvent to separate oil from the plant matter for products such as shatter, wax, diamonds, and vape cartridges.

Solventless extraction is an alternative method using zero chemicals and resulting in a cleaner, high-quality hash. Made in smaller batches,
solventless concentrates are usually higher in cost; however, these
products contain the full terpene and cannabinoid profile unique to the
cultivar. Solventless products usually come in two forms: Ice Water
Concentrate and Rosin.



All edibles, topicals, and tinctures must arrive for consideration shelf-ready, and meet all standards for adult-use cannabis edible labeling and packaging in the state of Michigan, including the new labeling standards, and maximum dosage and sizes.
Please bring 5-10 samples of your product with you upon visiting. Your product will only be taken if there is serious consideration. The evaluation period typically takes a week.

Send us a message and 
get your questions answered!

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