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  • Where are you located?
    The Reef (Detroit) is located at 6640 E 8 Mile Rd, Detroit MI, between Mound and Van Dyke. The Reef (Muskegon) is located at 525 W. Norton Ave, Muskegon, MI 49444
  • What are your hours?
    The Reef (Detroit) is open Monday – Sunday between 9AM and 9PM. The Reef (Muskegon) has the following hours: Mon – Thur: 9am – 9pm Fri- Sat: 9am – Midnight Sun: 10am – 6pm
  • What discounts do you offer? 
    We offer discounts for veterans, military, senior citizens, students, and disabled patients.
  • What is the limit of marijuana I’m allowed to have?
    You are allowed to have up to 2.5 ounces which is the equivalent of 70 grams.
  • What do I need to place a delivery order?
    You are required to have your physical ID present and available for verification. All IDs must be valid and not expired. If you have a temporary ID, you must have your old physical ID present as well as your printed temporary ID.

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